Investment Portfolio Management
Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group

“At Edmond de Rothschild, we are closely acquainted with the financial markets and understand that effective investment management requires the precise combination we have been delivering to our clients for many years: a heritage of international excellence, access to up-to-date information anywhere in the world, proactive Israeli initiative, and attentive personal service.”
Yafit Nemlich-Sucari, CEO

Investment Portfolio Management – Edmond de Rothschild

Edmond de Rothschild Israel has been active in the portfolio management field for the past two decades, overseeing assets for private, business, and institutional clients with a total value of some NIS 2 billion ($617.5 million). It is fully licensed to manage investment portfolios under the supervision of the Israel Securities Authority.

Managing an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

The company’s acclaimed approach to portfolio management stems directly from its many years of knowledge and experience, backed by the longstanding expertise of the highly respected global Edmond de Rothschild Group. This approach includes performing an in-depth analysis of all client needs prior to the development of a carefully considered investment strategy and its implementation by leading investment professionals.

It is the exemplary professionalism and skill of our investment managers, including our synergy with colleagues throughout the Group’s international network, as well as our close, enduring client relationships, that enables us to build and manage the optimal portfolios in line with each investor’s individual vision and goals, providing an efficient, reliable service that excels at delivering long-term added value.   

We provide our clients with management services for portfolios in Israeli shekels, US dollars, or Euros. Accounts can be managed at any Israeli bank, as preferred by the client. Alternatively, a similar account can be managed at the Group’s branches in Europe.

The Group’s presence in 15 countries, alongside its status as one of the most robust, prestigious, and well-established capital institutions in the world, grants our staff direct access to leading databases and research teams on an international scale, which contribute to the formulation of each client’s personal investment policy.

Whether involving direct investment in bonds and equities, or investment through exchange-traded funds and mutual funds in an open architecture, our investment portfolios are based on diversity and exposure to the world’s leading markets, various sectors, and a range of assets.

Our Expert Team

Yafit Nemlich-Sucari

Yafit Nemlich-Sucari

CEO, Investment Portfolio Management
“Our success is not simply measured in returns and figures, but mainly in the close sense of friendship and partnership that we have created with our clients, which can be seen in all our daily activities.”
Baruch Cohen

Baruch Cohen

Investment Portfolio Manager
Guy Sommerstein

Guy Sommerstein

Investment Manager
David Merran

David Merran

Customer Relations Manager, International Desk

Investment Methodology

In order to ensure that we maintain the superior standards of excellence that our clients have grown to expect, we have developed an exclusive investment methodology based on the vision and experience of our executives, the legacy of Edmond de Rothschild, and – above all – on our enduring personal and professional commitment to our clients.

Defining the goals, preferences, risk level, and investment ranges of each client.

Formulating an investment strategy with personally customized asset allocation.

Dynamically managing the portfolio, in accordance with markets and research team recommendations.

Conducting a close, ongoing dialogue to monitor the client’s changing needs.

Proactive Risk Management

The trust and confidence of our clients is our foremost priority. For this reason, we consistently demonstrate initiative, proactive behavior, and flexible thinking when managing the risk level of their investment portfolios.

We achieve this through:

  • In-depth understanding of the investor’s preferred risk level, with comprehensive guidance on the resultant implications.
  • Utilizing various management tools and practices designed to support portfolio resilience.
  • Creating investment portfolios with a mix of Israeli and international investment areas, assets, and products.

Furthermore, the Group employs a full-time risk manager to monitor all risks directly related to investment management, as they relate to the company, the market, business continuity, and so forth.

Our investment committee meets every two weeks, in line with market trends and fluctuations, and is composed of investment and research experts. Its conclusions are passed to your portfolio manager, who can then update the investment model, allocate assets, and make other necessary adjustments based on your personal profile. 

International Expertise

Access to research and analysis from the world’s leading investment teams, with exposure to diverse markets and currencies.

Local Audacity

A proactive approach, enabling the development of an investment strategy based on initiative, daring, and innovation.

Personal Customization

Formulation of the optimal flexible investment policy, based on the financial profile of private and corporate investors.

Global Service

The international desk provides a unique personal service to foreign residents and new immigrants to Israel, in Hebrew, French, and English.

The above does not constitute an obligation to deliver excess returns and past returns do not guarantee similar returns in the future. Edmond de Rothschild Portfolio Management (Israel) Ltd. is engaged in investment marketing and portfolio management, and does not engage in investment advice. Edmond de Rothschild Portfolio Management (Israel) Ltd. is a company affiliated with Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd. and other related companies, as listed in the disclosure, and is therefore affiliated with the financial assets issued by the stated companies and may prefer such assets over the financial assets of other entities to which it has no affiliation, which are similar in terms of their suitability to the client. The above does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing that takes into account the individual data and needs of each person. The provision of an investment marketing and portfolio management service is subject to the definition of a client’s needs and the adaptation of the investment policy to the client’s personal requirements.