In these difficult and challenging times, it is important for us to strengthen all residents of Israel, especially the citizens living in the south of Israel, and all the security forces that take part in the war. All employees of Edmond de Rothschild Tel Aviv office are available for you in any matter and need. Hoping for good news and wishing for quiet days.

Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group

קבוצת אדמונד דה רוטשילד ישראל מעניקה שירותים פיננסיים וניהול הון לתאגידים, לחברות פרטיות וציבוריות וללקוחות פרטיים עתירי הון. הקבוצה, שנוסדה בשנת 1999, היא חברת בת בבעלות מלאה של Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) S.A, ופועלת בשלושה אפיקים:

Investment Portfolios

Managing investment portfolios in line with client needs, including developing and enacting a carefully considered investment strategy.

Provident Funds

Advising institutional investors, public corporations and companies, and high-net-worth individuals in investment portfolio management.

Global Capital Management

Providing comprehensive capital management services for HNWIs, corporations, and family offices to help prepare for the future.


Years of capital market excellence






Billion € in investments and assets

Management Team

פיליפ פרל

יו"ר דירקטוריון

Nir Yeshaya


Daniel Dorin

CEO, Provident
Yafit Nemlich-Sucari

Yafit Nemlich-Sucari

CEO, Investment Portfolio Management
Raphael Danan

Raphael Danan

VP, Rothschild Israel
Itzik Cohen

Itzik Cohen


Xenia Perlin

VP Operations