Global Capital Management
Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group

“Our clients believe that wealth is not the end goal, but rather the means to create a better, more promising future for themselves and the community around them. At Edmond de Rothschild, we help them to fulfill this vision, ensure the wellbeing of future generations, and prepare for the many changes the future will bring.”

ניר ישעיה, מנכ"ל קבוצת רוטשילד ישראל

Global Wealth Management – Leveraging Capital to Serve Visions

Global Capital Management in the Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group is the trust that serves HNWIs, corporations, and family offices.

Our affiliation with the international group, which supplies capital management and private banking services to wealthy clients via 26 international centers and manages assets with a total value of some $160 billion, gives us the opportunity to define and raise the accepted standard for these services worldwide.

Global Capital Management is based on four key principles

Focusing on Fulfilling the Vision

We believe that our clients’ perception and vision of the future represents the starting point for the path we will travel together, and we therefore examine how this vision can best be realized.

Preparing for the Future

Our task is to draw the road map for the future while at the same time preparing for the changes it represents. We take a flexible, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial approach to ensure that you can seize opportunities and tackle challenges successfully.

Advancing the Goals

As mentioned above, wealth is not simply capital, and its beneficiaries seek to harness it in order to provide security for future generations, promote issues like philanthropy and sustainability, and ensure smooth intergenerational wealth transition. We give our clients guidance and substantial added value while steadily advancing each of these goals.

Ensuring Stability & Promoting Growth

Our access to information, knowledge, and professional practices around the world enables us to identify key market trends, changes, and developments, creating long-term stability on the one hand and continuous growth on the other.

Your Managers

Matan Ben Baruch

Senior Relationship Manager

Amit Geler

Senior Relationship Manager

Avi Goren

Senior Relationship Manager
דנה ביג'ה

Dana Beja

Client Manager
Ruchama Koenig

Ruchama Koenig

Client Manager

Intergenerational Transition Advisory

One of the foremost issues for our clients is ensuring the financial security of future generations and maintaining strong, empowering familial relationships. Our global wealth management gives you the tools and infrastructure required to do just that.

We assist and advise our clients in terms of building strategic intergenerational transition plans, developing systems that ensure the smooth transfer of capital to future generations, and regulating future financial and property relationships.

Our Unique Advantages


As the company is independent, is not a member of the stock exchange, does not underwrite, and does not maintain a nostro account, it gives us the opportunity to represent solely the interests of our clients and share those interests.


Our decision-making processes enable us to promote creative solutions and courses of action that create a situation in which the whole is worth far more than the sum of its parts.


Our dedication to creating a range of products in line with our clients’ vision and personal values gives us a broad long-term perspective.  


Our clients enjoy the benefits inherent in direct access to the Group’s outstanding professionals at each of its branches worldwide.  

Legacy of Professionalism
Tradition of Innovation

The last two decades have seen various positive changes for high net worth individuals: their numbers have risen worldwide, they have become younger on average, and advances in technology and communication have given them greater access than ever before to the world’s knowledge and information. We harness digital tools for our clients’ benefit, providing them with a complete picture of their investment options while carefully maintaining the values at which we have always excelled: personal service, transparency, and commitment to our clients’ interests.

Personal Service

Preparing for the Future

Creating sustainable added value, introducing clients to emerging markets and areas, and managing intergenerational transition.

Fulfilling a Vision

Empowering philanthropic activities, introducing clients to environmental and sustainability fields, building an ecosystem.

Partnering for the Long Term

Building close, lasting relationships.

Harnessing Innovation

Adopting big data, accessing the international network, combining entrepreneurship and creativity within daily activities.

ESG – World Leader in Social Investment

Our clients have always led the way in terms of philanthropy and social investment (ESG), and we are proud to participate in their ongoing contribution to the community, society, and the environment.

The Edmond de Rothschild Group has been developing an inspiring international heritage in the philanthropic field for more than 250 years, during which time the Group has devised advanced approaches and methodologies for promoting and empowering philanthropic activities in a variety of avenues.

Our clients benefit from access to the Group’s vast knowledge, information, and professional practices, as well as to the EDR Group’s Next Generations offering – the body that coordinates the Group’s activities in this field. This enables clients to both initiate and join philanthropic frameworks and social investment options that align with their personal visions.

SRI – Promoting Impact Investments

The Edmond de Rothschild Group is proactive in promoting investments that advance environmental and social sustainability, in accordance with the Group’s wider vision and goal of creating a better future.  

Within this context, the Group manages the SRI index, which makes it possible to evaluate the quality of any given investment in terms of sustainability parameters.   

At the Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group, we provide our clients with the finest professional advice and guidance on this subject, based on our accumulated international expertise, excellent databases, and our commitment to furthering sustainability in general.

Our services include:

  • Building a plan to promote impact investments, considering diversity, sustainability, and preventing negative environmental impact.
  • Evaluating and assessing investment portfolios in line with the international group’s SRI index
  • Identifying sustainability-oriented opportunities for joint investment with the international group.
The above does not constitute an obligation to deliver excess returns and past returns do not guarantee similar returns in the future. Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (Israel) Ltd. does not hold a license under the Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 1995.