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Edmond de Rothschild (Israel) Ltd. and any other company from among its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in Israel and overseas and/or under its control (jointly and severally) (hereinafter: “the Company” or “the Group Companies”) will publish information on various topics, with a specific focus on topics related to the capital market, through this website (hereinafter: “the Website”). Access to and use of this Website for the various services that may be provided on and/or through it from time to time are subject to the guidelines and conditions detailed below. Use of the Website constitutes consent to these guidelines and conditions, and an undertaking to act in accordance with them, unless the Company has received explicit written notice regarding dissent to the terms of use.


Website Services & Information

  1. The Website terms of use apply to the information provided on the website through various devices: computer, cell phone, tablet, and so forth.
  2. The information provided on the Website shall not be construed as a substitute for the independent discretion of the reader and/or investment advice and/or marketing, and/or as a substitute for advice/marketing that takes into account each individual’s personal data and needs in accordance with their circumstances for the purpose of purchasing and/or conducting any investments, activities, and/or transactions. The information presented on the Website does not replace investment advice/marketing and should not be acted upon until first receiving personal advice that takes into account the needs and data of each individual.
  3. Any information on the Website regarding mutual funds and/or financial instruments and/or any other product and/or service of the Company does not constitute a recommendation and/or an invitation to receive proposals and/or to invest and/or to make a deposit and/or to perform any other action related to them (including – purchasing, selling, holding, etc.).
  4. The purchase of units in mutual funds will be made solely in accordance with a valid prospectus and in accordance with immediate TASE reports published as appropriate, taking into account the personal data and needs of each investor, and only the prospectus together with such reports shall constitute the exclusive binding document.
  5. The Company and/or its stakeholders may hold securities of the corporations mentioned on the Website and/or other financial instruments, for themselves and/or on behalf of others. In addition, any of the above may be active in the securities of corporations mentioned on this website and/or in the said financial instruments. The Company and/or controlling shareholders and/or stakeholders may have such or other business relationships with the corporations mentioned on the Website and/or their controlling shareholders. In addition, the Company has a personal interest in publishing the information.
  6. Some of the Group Companies hold an investment portfolio management / marketing license under the Regulation of Investment AdviceInvestment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 1995, and are engaged in investment marketing and not in investment consulting. The above companies are related to certain corporations and are affiliated, within the legal meaning of the term, with assets managed by the corporations, including Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd., Edmond de Rothschild Investment Portfolio Management (Israel) Ltd., Provident Financial Markets Ltd., Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity Partners (Israel) Ltd., Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France), Edmond de Rothschild Capital Holding Ltd., Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg), Edmond de Rothschild Heritage, and Edmond de Rothschild Holding SA (Geneva), and they may prefer financial assets that are affiliated with them over other financial assets that are not affiliated with them and are similar in terms of their suitability for the client.
  7. The use of any information on the Website is the sole responsibility of the user. Although, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, the information that appears on the Website is well-founded, reliable, and correct, the Company cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or up to date nature of the information, nor its suitability for any specific need, and does not claim to replace official reports and/or publications by the Company. The Group Companies, their shareholders, their representatives, their employees, and their officers are not responsible and shall not bear any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage that may be caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of information that appears on the Website, information that is omitted from the Website, the termination of the Website in whole, as well as the acts or omissions of third parties involved in uploading and preparing the Website and/or preparing the information published on the Website or the data on which it is based. In addition, the parties mentioned above shall not be responsible in any way for lawsuits arising from the information published on the Website and shall not be liable to any party in connection with the use made of the information published on the Website or for the inability to use the information published on the Website. We make a constant effort to ensure that the information appearing on the Website is up to date. However, changes may occur, and in the case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the information appearing on the Website and information appearing in official publications, the information appearing in official publications shall prevail.
  8. The data and/or information published on the Website were received in part from third parties, including from other websites, and no other checks were performed in order to verify the information that served as a basis for publishing such data and/or information. This information may change from time to time and are provided “as is”, solely on the basis of best efforts, for the convenience of the user, and errors may occur in the information and may be subject to market and other changes. Significant discrepancies may also be found between the estimates presented here and the actual results. The user must take into account that, after its publication, there may be changes to the information that will not be immediately reflected on the Website, and the Rothschild Group does not undertake to notify readers of such changes in any way, in advance or retrospectively.
  9. The Company is not responsible for any damages that may be caused, directly or indirectly, due to the use of the Website, changes in response times, unavailability of the Website or any of its servers.
  10. The Website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties that the user may access via using the Website, and to information on the internet that does not originate from the Company. The Company has no control over these links and does not guarantee that all links found on the Website will be correct and will lead to an active website. Links to third party websites should not be construed as approval, verification, agreement, recommendation, or preference on the part of the Company to the linked websites, their content, their operators, or any products or services that may be presented on them. The Company is not the publisher of these websites and does not monitor them, and therefore you may encounter content that is inappropriate or personally objectionable to you. Remember at all times that a link found on the Website of the Company does not constitute the Company’s consent to such content and does not guarantee its reliability, timeliness, or legality, including with regard to privacy protection. In light of this, the Company will not be responsible for the content that appears on these websites, for the use of or reliance on information appearing on the linked websites, and the services and products offered on them or in the advertisements published on them, and it reserves the right to remove these links at any time.
  11. The information on the Website may be protected under Israeli and international copyright laws. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright on the information on the Website is the exclusive property of the Company. The information may not be reproduced, copied, broadcast, distributed, recorded, or published on a website, in full or in part, without the specific express written consent of the Company, provided in advance.
  12. The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of the Website and everything arising from such use, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo District Courts shall have sole, exclusive jurisdiction in any matter related to them.
  13. The services appearing on the Website are not offered in territories where their use is not permitted under local law.