Edmond de Rothschild
Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd.

“In the Edmond de Rothschild Group, mutual fund investment management is defined by a long-term vision that is able to distinguish between transient and long-term trends, and thereby provide clients with lasting stability, security, and returns.” *

Eyal Segal, Mutual Funds CEO

Investment Management – Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd.

Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd. was established in 2000 and manages funds based on various investment options in Israel and internationally, including managed funds and index funds. 

These include the following types of mutual funds:

  • Mutual funds that specialize in managing government bonds in the local market
  • Mutual funds based on corporate bonds
  • Hybrid mutual funds (bonds + shares)
  • Funds that specialize in managing overseas bonds
  • Funds that specialize in managing shares in Israel and overseas

Broad, In-Depth Research Methodology

The Group’s research and investment teams maintain close personal contact with senior executives within the surveyed companies, monitor markets in Israel and overseas, and enjoy full access to the information and expertise held by its parent group in each of its branches worldwide.

Our Expert Team

אייל סגל

Eyal Segal

CEO, Mutual Funds
“Our mission is not only to provide our clients with return on investment over time, but also to give them complete confidence and stability in a market defined by its volatile nature and the pursuit of trends.”
דביר עוליאל

Dvir Uliel

VP Business Development – Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Funds
רן לוי

Ran Levy

Investment Department Manager
אור זינדרמן

Or Zinderman

Investment Manager
גיא זומרשטיין

Guy Sommerstein

Investment Manager

Doron Isaacs

Investment Manager

Ronen Pasha

Investment Marketer

Dror Razon

Head of Index Funds Trading Room

Avi Goren

Strategic & Institutional Customer Relations Manager

Almog Dayan

Index Funds Marketing Manager
קארין סלנט

Karin Salant

Marketing & Accessibility Coordinator

Close Relationship with Investment Advisors

We have had close ties with some of Israel’s most senior investment advisors for over two decades. This relationship is based on sincere, transparent personal and professional discussions, our strict adherence to the letter of the law, and our willingness to share knowledge, information, and insights for the benefit of our clients.

Unique Benefit Mix
for Investors’ Benefit

Knowledge, Expertise & Reputation

The mutual fund management team at Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd. excels in terms of its expertise, knowledge, sterling reputation, and – above all – its service orientation and availability to investors.


The experience and knowledge we have amassed over the years enables us to identify the trends that shape the markets over time, clearly distinguishing them from passing trends, and grant investors a sense of long-term stability and security.

Investment Diversification

Diversification of investments in our mutual funds, in terms of both geography and financial instruments, enables smart risk management with access to various channels.

International Access

Our close links with the Edmond de Rothschild Group gives us access to the world’s leading professional knowledge, information, and practices in the investment field.

*The above does not constitute an offer of investment that considers the data and unique requirements of each investor. It does not constitute a guarantee that any return will be achieved. The past returns and ratings of the funds do not guarantee future returns and/or ratings. The above does not constitute an offer to purchase units in mutual funds. The purchase of units in a mutual fund is subject to review of the relevant prospectuses of the funds at the time of purchase and immediate TASE reports only.