Provident Funds
Edmond de Rothschild Israel Group

“The intense realities of the capital market oblige investors to consult experienced, independent-minded professionals. At Provident, we provide you with the guidance and information you need to make the right decisions going forward.”

Daniel Dorin, CEO, Provident

Provident – Excellence in Customer Service

As part of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, Provident has advised and supported investors with significant portfolios since its establishment in 1998, numbering institutional investors, public companies and corporations, and HNWIs among its clients.

Since the company’s earliest days, we have amassed an excellent reputation alongside extensive experience advising on the investment portfolios of long-term savings institutions, the government and municipal sectors, non-profit organizations, and affluent families.

In order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive picture and a broad perspective of investment portfolios, we founded Provident Risk Management, which supplies comprehensive risk management services to institutional investors. This company specializes in analyzing various extreme scenarios, assessing risk levels and expected losses for investment portfolios, evaluating concentration risks, analyzing exposures, and so on.

A Stable Anchor

The company operates under strict regulatory and compliance requirements, which include proper licensing and certification of all staff members in addition to adequate insurance coverage and equity. As part of a Swiss banking group, the company also has an internal regulatory system that ensures compliance with all regulatory and ethical directives.

Our Experts, at Your Service

Our team consists of expert professionals with outstanding reputations and experience that encompasses not only many years, but also the capital markets in Israel and around the world. This in-depth experience, coupled with access to vital information, shapes the professional perspective needed to advise our clients when dealing with the changing realities of the capital markets, as well as many complex professional and regulatory matters.

We enjoy unparalleled access to data and practices of an international standard thanks to our affiliation with the global Edmond de Rothschild Group

Daniel Dorin

"Our clients know that we are on their side, that their interest is sacred in our eyes and that we are always here for them. Therefore, we gain their full trust over time"
Roi Ben Ari

Roi Ben Ari

Doron Stein

Doron Stein

Part of Your Network

We are keenly aware of the vision and requirements that define our clients’ investment policies, including the need to build a flexible long-term strategy, define risk and reward targets, and handle challenges arising from the regulatory environment and organizational structure. In order to help our clients implement their investment strategy and policies, we become an integral part of their investment network.

Holistic Services for Client Needs

Our service and advisory portfolio is based on working hand in hand with our clients for the long term, and is designed to provide them with a reliable professional contact point for all inquiries. Our joint process covers the following milestones:

Defining investment policies and objectives

Defining client goals and requirements

Evaluating the ability to withstand exposure to risks

Allocating assets and formulating an investment policy regarding trading and alternative assets

Handling regulatory challenges

Integrating within the client’s decision-making network

Defining activity procedures

Building procedures for portfolio management processes

Assisting in the definition of decision-making processes

Formulating reporting policies for decision-makers

Optimizing the cost structure for investment management

Managing information and knowledge for the client on a routine basis

Composing comprehensive reports on investment portfolios at a predetermined frequency

Analyzing investment results in comparison to a reference portfolio

Formulating and distributing reviews and macro analyses 

Making recommendations for required investment portfolio adjustments

Liaising with external investment managers

Building and managing competitive procedures for investment manager selection

Defining operational procedures with investment managers and managing the ongoing relationship with them

Consolidating investment portfolios and examining their compliance with policies and return/risk objectives

Addressing various ongoing issues with investment managers

Experts in Alternative Investments

Provident has been known for serving its clients in the alternative investments field since its establishment, including investment in buyout funds, credit, hedge funds, infrastructure, and more.

We help to formulate the investment strategy in terms of non-tradable assets based on the client’s needs and while addressing various crucial aspects, such as diversification, vintage years, fund filtering, and more.

Our team is instrumental to the process, attending meetings with fund managers, conducting in-depth examinations of their business, and presenting our clients with fully transparent, logical recommendations for future activities.

The above does not constitute an obligation to deliver excess returns and past returns do not guarantee similar returns in the future. Provident Financial Markets Ltd. is engaged in investment marketing and portfolio management, and does not engage in investment advice. Provident Financial Markets Ltd. is a company affiliated with Edmond de Rothschild Mutual Fund Management (Israel) Ltd. and other related companies, as listed in the disclosure, and is therefore affiliated with the financial assets issued by the stated companies and may prefer such assets over the financial assets of other entities to which it has no affiliation, which are similar in terms of their suitability to the client. The above does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing that takes into account the individual data and needs of each person. The provision of an investment marketing and portfolio management service is subject to the definition of a client’s needs and the adaptation of the investment policy to the client’s personal requirements.